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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  December 12, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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the suspect to dispense with the victim's older brother. rigid, more kron4 news. police say that the victim is friends with the older brother. we spoke to another neighbor who described as happened after she was well above the police. >> we got a phone call
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about court for a and it was the cops on us to stay indoors that there was place in the area. my husband and i got up and came to the front window and those the budget proper cars. all outside with their crop small lights up. yeltsin did is they become law. he did not respond, about two hours and swiss what pulled up and they came through the front door in the next thing we know that the suspect in custody. it was a little shocking. it's right here in front of your house. >> kron4 spoke to the suspect's mother who was of a percentage of the attention this right. speakers should mother is still in shock over the crimes of her son has been accused of. they're arguing she said because he was drawn. when she left u.s. plan on going to sleep, the next time she saw him was this morning at juvenile hall he was crying and he told her that he did do it. she also said that he doesn't remember everything clearly because he was intoxicated. but when he
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left he got your call with three men to get more alcohol. and those of the ones in for some here inside the victim's fault. he said he heard the girl screaming and denise three men were forced him to remove the closing get into bed and put the knife in his hand. neighbors of the suspect to live a few blocks away said that the suspect is unstable. >> he has done things that the cops are always over about spirit he has threatened his own parents and has been in and out of jail before. he is basically it been in trouble. this does not surprise me. >> the victim's mother and mr. son has had run and sweat a lot before. most of for drinking though she says he recently spent two weeks into all hall hall a hole in her wall after an argument. but she says he might have a temperature he is not a violent person. >> oakland police are investigating a series of
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shootings. here's a look at assaults and shoes over the last three days. you could see the number of total tax many of those or gun related assaults. there also two murders, one of those was last night on international boulevard where one person was killed by others injured. dahlin has more on this series of shootings of oakland. >> about is still in shock and disbelief looking at the makeshift memorial set up for her nephew. someone gunned down 33 locksmith at the corner of 63rd in international boulevard friday night. >> i am very upset, i am very upset. >> this is one of the city's eight students in less than 48 hours. aside from lot smith, another member shot dead saturday night not far away at the intersection of international and night the avenue. you concede the victim's mother rushing to her son's body. >> the shootings are not
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believed to become infected. another shooting that made headlines their city hall on saturday night, two men shot of each other in front of a group of police officers. both were arrested. police said that of all ages, two people died and 10 people have suffered from gunshot wounds. police say it is one of those injured was an innocent bystander waiting for the bus. >> i've had about an hour or so since friday. >> about is public and about will was all it would kill her nephew. they were very close, she he was staying with her. bounces the violence of oakland a's to stop. >> young people you all need to stop. it is not all of you get a shot but what about the families that have to go through this walkout. in oakland of lin. >> well what the fog girl of the bay area for today. it kept things cloudy in a
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great temperatures on the cool side. here's a look at the satellite feed from earlier today lots of fog covered up the entire central valley which is not unusual for this time of the year as we get into the winter season. light winds out of the east and into the bay area kept things foggy here as well. some gray skies are a place for many spots around the entire bay. as a result, i temperatures all in the upper 50s and low 60s. only place for such i was on the coast of half moon bay. but the sunshine into low 60s. 57 percent of cisco, as well as at rabaul. couple of low 60s around the bay santa rosa made it all away up to 67. to adjust to the north of the santa rosa clock airport, it was only in the upper 50s. here is the next whether maker making its way into california. we've had some dry days for the past few days this is about to change. there is some chance
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for rain coming up like the monday night and into tuesday morning. in the meantime another foggy day for tomorrow and tonight. claudia tomorrow morning. some bricks the sunshine for the afternoon. the rain begins late tomorrow night and for the day on tuesday look for periods of light rain. more heavy rain is on the way later this week i will talk more about that later coming up. >> still ahead authorities from virginia update us on the missing girl case that led us a cross-country trip. winter weather me the chance to plan for two nfl teams. will find out all the miners and the raiders today. upper jaws will be featured in a new sci-fi tv show. and we will give you look at the bus and show no cameras to give up this holiday season. these are some of the story still ahead on kron4 news.
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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. now get up to $300 back in promotion cards. at&t. rethink possible. a new audit released this week is as essential as they could receive some money. police supervisors and more
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officers on the street. here's more on the audit findings and reactions. >> the 89 pages of its to offset recent budget cuts and avoid layoffs in the future, a former police officers and the councilman called for the audit. >> i think the report clearly says that as we downsize in the city of santa as they do to the budget constraints call you really have to look at our supervision structure. how many people we keeping management versus how many people we keep on the light cruiser rashly do the work. >> among the audit's findings, says that there hidy top heavy on this art auction site. by comparison the rate in san francisco and dallas is what a. >> we're heavily focused on have a lot of front-line collective supervision particularly in the patrol force. with that you're tending to have a larger model supervises elsewhere. having said that, as we're
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moving into this next budget year we're going to have a contract we will have to take a look at our supervisors and see if it matches appropriately with the needs of the city. speakers they're asking to maximize the number of officers on the street. efik to reflect the current economic realities. >> weakened to a better job in pointing our resources and the place apart, this report now than ever. in san francisco as kron4 is. >> the niners and raider's breakup was your records, but coming up whilst show you why they're both still in the hunt for the playoff spots. >> here is future cast showing the rate for tuesday that is on the way. will have a lot of forecasts coming up.
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after some companies that ended your gatherings, the office party in is making its comeback this year, was trying to have fun, how you
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behave could make and break your opportunities in the new year. here's some tips on how to avoid calling party put balls. >> the recession took a toll on holiday office parties, with many companies eliminated business bashes. it does look like phobos' facilities or making a comeback in 2010. >> few employers are cutting holiday parties this year due to financial constraints. if you haven't been to a holiday gathering and while, what thing to remember is that the key word in office party is office. >> lets her hair down the dollar down all the way. by that i mean again, have fun talk about things that you would normally talk about. but don't go crazy, don't drink too much, don't you wearing a well of it. >> not over drinking seems obvious, but it's sometimes people forget especially on the company dot. while experts say that a party
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party rarely loses a job a credibility to take a hit. >> maybe they haven't been giving some of the opportunities because they just weren't acted appropriately a wholly function and awards save a seven the maturity level that the organization might be looking for. >> of party for a plot to carry into the new year and beyond. >> anything and social made a you have to be aware that was posted out there is out there. >> also be sensitive of the video footage that you put out of co-workers. do you got to work with them lot after the party is over. >> well kids having fun out on this note to dave. it's not hollow, it's right here in san francisco. as the city hall open house today as part of the was no part. the kids were having a lot of fun, santa was up there. now like to city hall is a festive scene the holiday
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lights, with some fog belt there. but visibility not an issue. we have visibility's all of 3 mi. so as to seize the right now. sources lot of a call tuesday. and we also have a pacific storm that is getting closer for tuesday. the region for a stroke on the bay area to my. so for the higher elevations, off future cast smallish joint so at the highest passes. so a winter storm watches and effect tuesday. snow levels initially started hiring of seven balls of free fall into 6000 be by tuesday night. along with the snow some strong winds at the highest passes, and perhaps some what of conditions at times. here is future cast looking at the rain tomorrow afternoon at a news started out the bay, there rain begins to form here in ukiah, and slowly works its way to this up for the evening hours. so by 10:00
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p.m. look for some light rain, santa rosa and points to the north. the slight revel markets where itself throughout the early morning hours of tuesday. as the clock goes forward, of the raid would come down into the south this is light precipitation. it should affect as the early part of the morning commute before this first bet is out of here. then by tuesday afternoon a second bad with some slightly heavier rate pushes through. but tuesday afternoon through tuesday evening, dry weather stay but more significant rate at arriving for the end of the week. temperatures imam morning mid-40s north bay, east bay bellay's upper 40's in the upper bay. there could be some patchy fog and good visibility. for the afternoon of the heights in the upper 50s fellow '60s, close average for this time of the year with bricks of sunshine. a lot of fog a
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clause just like we had today. tuesday there is the chance of light rain, wednesday at a break morning clouds after his sons died in periods of rain coming up for thursday, friday, initially looked light of modern rain but by the weekend of 4 passes indicating heavy rain. we will have to watch the storm closely over the next couple of days. >> time upper tech talk with a plate. >> first checkup this deal i just found, this 32 since the zero lcd hdtv is played for $298 and no doubt that free shipping. it is selling not amazon right now it is a great deal. this is one of the new things in the flat paddle world. they're more energy-efficient, that there and slightly brighter less
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that here's telling roberts and that some people be hitting badly. go ahead and take the next exit. >> the driver of this black car is being pulled over by the california highway patrol, in marin county. >> go ahead and make a right turn. >> the reason. the driver
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ignored the signs on highway 1 01, at lucky dr., advising exit. here is a video of the driver a few minutes earlier appearing to ignore the lanes of traffic. >> you didn't see the signs, the two signs that said the then there's another one that says to 101 north? >> no, all i saw was santa rosa, and then i saw san francisco. >> this on ramp notorious for drivers making that dangerous move. but it is also infamous for one other thing. this driver is also being pulled over for making that dangerous lane change, however the officer noticed something else. marijuana card with you? >> the officers smelled the the car. when he asked the driver if he smoked marijuana, he said no. >> do you have a joint in here or anything like that? >> again, the driver said no. >> ok, if i search the vehicle i won't find anything? >> after a long pause and lo and behold the driver produced a glass pipe, and a bag of weed. the driver was issued a ticket for not obeying traffic signs, and being in possession of less than an ounce of marijuana. a misdemeanor. >> you can't have that with
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you. you can't be smoking while driving. >> so if you plan on ignoring the signs at lucky drive, you might not be so lucky if you get a ticket. in corta madera, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. if status pesetas emulous pass performance conference paplus we'll show you the raiders the niners, on the field to play, and will lead to know the one team that's making some tough benz pretty happy. making some tough benz pretty happy.
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they were searching for 12 years obliviousness to spend
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about 58. the investigation is now shifted from the missing person case to a murder case. and this girand t'e been going to tell this was new in the investigation. >> these detectives flew in on saturday following jefferies please rest of friday afternoon. detective john rafael talked about their investigation of easily. >> since arriving here yesterday, with the assistance of cedras's copley's apart, we have been able to visit the area where brittany and scott were located, as well as by the location where they had been stayed prior to their discovery of fighting. >> that area is believed to be adjacent to the supermarket were easily was felt. an area of golden gate park or people subtends a major campaign. of the detectives interviewed both easily and would not repeal many of the details of the week and thus the tilt of
9:31 pm
the conversation due to investigation. >> is we will remain in custody in san francisco pending extradition proceedings before being bought up by u.s. marshals. >> for these detectives body burning is just one element be installed. >> as you know our goal for the past which has been to find liberal produced it. at her with her family, and that she has been found and will be heading back home soon, a police eponymous focus now has shifted to the murder investigation of her mother. it is very important that we get justice for. >> in san francisco dave king got a kron4 news. >> oakland police are investigating eight separate shootings since fighting night. in all two people bought into and others suffered from gunshot wounds. police believe one of those injured was an innocent bystander waiting for a bus. 33 year-old lamont smith was the one of
9:32 pm
the people who were killed. his chances that this violence is the stock. >> young people like you guys need to stop. think of the families that have to go through this cut this out please cut this out. >> of those eight shootings, only to have been solved. >> well city hall is that that that the holidays badly at all had their lead to job. a little bit of the breeze at the city hall tonight. visibility is not better run the bay area no problems with the fog get but that will change after midnight. here is a view of the golden gate bridge from this afternoon. where we did manage to squeak in a little bit of sunshine. after a day that featured an abundance of fog and low tolerance. that will be the theme for tonight and tomorrow. lots of clouds and fog. tonight and tomorrow morning it will be a similar start in the day as we had today. mostly cloudy skies and fog that
9:33 pm
could reduce visibility's. for the afternoon some sunshine mixed into the sun fog. eventually leading up to the chance of rain late monday night and into tuesday morning. here is future cast at 6:00 a.m. we are starting off fairly mild in the '50s. but because of the clubs and their blocking up the subject, the temperatures will be very slow to warm up. it is a matter of fact it does not get out the '50s in a lot of places. sixties and the want as locations but the afternoon. by tuesday the weather system will library light rain. stronger storms are due in later on in the week into next week. we could get some significant rain and strong winds i will talk more about that coming up. >> loss that we told about the new york giants and the vikings game was postponed. now the game has been moved after more than 17 in. of snow broke through the roof of minnesota stadium.
9:34 pm
>> this amazing video, shows a blizzard winning the battle against the inflate go all root at the metrodome. the snow that accumulated on the roof came pouring through. making the stadium unusable for sunday's scheduled game. . >> the game will not be played monday evening in detroit. the minneapolis st. paul area was blanketed by several inches of snow making a charge just to get your car forget about driving at. minnesota wisconsin and iowa was hit hard by the storm system there was no conditions. officials were prompted to say do not travel unless you have to. this madison wisconsin man, you did not only how please stop car, even had designs on flight. >> will you fly out to?
9:35 pm
>> minnesota. at the metrodome was not the only stadium that needed attention after this whether, in chicago these crews were working at soldier field. >> the sign says monsters of the midway, but it could just as easily have been referring to the relentless onslaught of winter is puree. april williams kron4 news. >> san francisco 49ers have a losing record but they're still in line for a playoff spot. today they look like a team that could pull it off. quarterback threw for 255 yds and three touchdowns. seahawks could not catch up. the niners won 40 to 21. they're sitting just behind lamps. in the nfc west. tracy campbell started off as the raiders quarterback today nearly paid off, the raiders are up by 10 points place to big plays. but the jacksonville tight wires,
9:36 pm
fought back and they pulled out a victory 38 to 31. >> coming up this fight recession some businesses are booming. at alcatraz, about what first a movie now the scene of the two new tv shows.
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unemployment and losers continue to plague americans. still signs of growth for october 2011. we take a look back at how business evolved in 2010. >> the year began with the battered economy babble babble babble but bubba peat bea
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the credit card for format goes into affect. the goal is to protect you from deceptive practices and making credit safer. but consumers still have to read the fine print. general motors cut its costs, showing it does indeed mosser cells to make big
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earnings. it launches up a whopping i p still to raise 20 billion to pay back federal bailout money. a some signs of life comeback of the business plan, one thing is certain there are still challenges ahead. >> j.j. abrams said gains has been to tv show on the works at that a fax sent to cisco will tell you how i could trusand in that you're still about a
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2000 people behaving badly. >> people park in one direction and drive in another. it's also a haven for double parkers, you could find just about
9:45 pm
anywhere. like bees to cars here. wire they double parked with sticky look. all this man has a handful of lottery tickets, so that is why he block the full line of traffic to get rich quick. and this gentleman here needed to unload a panasonic television. i guess they never read the sign. pastries always tastes better when you're illegally parked. and over rochester it's a double parkers paradise. a few minutes later, she runs to her car with aim mouthful of can be missing out on the dollar double parking fine. this car here is double part this is the driver having a casual conversation well have been a casual conversation. double parking has become the norm in san francisco, you're thinking there's not enough parking so you just have to. so let
9:46 pm
me assure you this this is a parking space, this has been available the entire time that i was talking. well looks like a loading zone, it is not because monday through friday between 1:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. you can park there. you just have to read the sign. it said francisco stanley roberts kron4 news. >> the skating rink temperatures in the mid-50s there is hard to find any such light in the bay area today. late now city hall could is eliminated in redding referred all holidays. so far so good for the visibility. in 56 in alameda, san francisco and that but. we have dry weather i. we have dry weather
9:47 pm
in place, but that will change. this weather system is slowly going to cite to the south over the next 24 hours giving a rain in the bay area starting late tomorrow night into tuesday morning. in the meantime another day with lots of fog from a monday. we're going to start off mostly cloudy with visibility could be a quarter of a mile. there should be some sunshine by late morning and afternoon mixed in with the clouds. the rain begins late tomorrow night starting off in the north bay and then spreading out across the entire bay area by tuesday morning. future cast showing rain started at around noon tomorrow. the rain rain is up near ukiah and will spread south throughout the day. but ted clark will see some light rain, that will continue to spread south throughout the night time tomorrow night and into early tuesday morning, so here is 10:00 p.m. some of
9:48 pm
the rain will move south through the overnight hours. so i choose it to 3:00 a.m. it will begin to live on the bay at san mateo bridge into san jose. we will get a break in this some more rain coming in tuesday afternoon evening, this should be little bit heavier. this is not a huge store, but we do have some whether what they're coming up late into next weekend. temperatures in the '40's and low 50's tomorrow but the afternoon upper 50s the low 60s. another fog the end cool day, there will be some bits of sunshine here and there. here is the 7 day around the bay, tuesday slightly we do get a break for wednesday with more steady and heavier rain and i've been thursday, friday. police dogs on coming it for saturday, forecast model had to is some heavy rain. >> j.j. abrams is working
9:49 pm
on a new tv show that will be shot insult princess go the whole be called alcatraz. will include the infamous jail. this will show months some alcatraz escapees disappearing in their time reappearing in the present day. abrams is known for his actions sci-fi tv shows such as loss, alias, and bridge. harry potter has been booted from the box office, the movie tangled with third place this week. some power watched the torras into second place, angelina chihli and johnny depp starred in the international thriller. the tourist walked away with $17 million. and winning in the we can build up horse in history, the latest chronicles of money
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up, the third installment. may 24th $0.5 billion. the first movie cleared 65 million in its opening weekend. this movie cost 150 million just to make. looking for the perfect cocktails to get into the holiday spirit, well i d.c. bar asserts the president and first lady now he is serving you. here's a step- by-step recipe for a traditional mall the drink. >> we're at the columbian room in washington d.c., we have the great ability to make plastic cocktails. what do the things that i like during the holidays, we start by putting a bottle of wine into a pan, the thing is that you don't have to use an alcoholic wines. then we get our spices together, you take clothes cinnamon sticks, ginger that has been
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graded, and an orange. you take heat dried or fresh orange peel. so you want to combine those in a cheesecloth and put them all together and make it teabags out of it and you can drop it right in the pot. once it's been about cooking 20 minutes add raisins and almonds. and a little bit of brown sugar. but that cook for march 5th to 10 minutes. then that point should have the aquavit if you choose to. you have this beautiful warm mauled wide. but if you get to the bottom of the you have reasons and hamas that are soaked in the alcohol. if you're not want but the timing treat the first class by the time you get to the reasons it all means you will be. would you want something that is cold, this is called the jack gross we put a lot of effort into the trees, we start with head carved ice cubes, lemon juice and our own in-house grenadine. this apple
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brandy, which is seasonal. to make the strength you want to make sure that it is well shaken. and there you have it that jack gross. >> well when your cellphone can work, and it's just not good enough how to take pictures like a pro. we have the latest and holiday gifts coming up next. in
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time now for tech talk with dave slate. >> to zero cameras are always a hot tech items are of the holidays. here is what is hot in additional camera our world. the first camera maker to get the care on the market that takes it to read deep pitchers. by fuji cameras. it costs $400, is cool and new to take three deep pitchers. but to view these pictures you do need at three the laptop or a three dtb which both costs over a thousand dollars. or fuji does make a 3 in. photo
9:56 pm
display frame that cost $600. so a little expensive right now my what we talk next year. this camera is a 12 mega pixel it takes a has a view screen on the front of the camera seeking to impose our own self portrait shot. and that it can also help you make a child's while at the camera. the samsung will be a cost $120. now i've of been doused with a good l s l r camera to get. this is not just for professionals, a lot of obvious use this, recommendation is the sony 855. it cost $850. solid all-around sl arcaro. it is back ordered all many web sites but you can't fight it out there. if you what
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you're young one to learn to take photos early, the fisher-price kid talk digital cameras a great idea for kids. fittest surrounded in a thick rubber in can be dropped and continue to work. it is cost about $40. you're looking for just a good digital camera for na pager rubout hundred dollars, then i recommend going was on the cyber shot digital camera. or casio e x series. you cannot from rot with these. they're just good digital cameras. cades late kron4 news. >> quick snapshot of to must commute. >> fog he was some visibility problems and some rain coming up not for tomorrow morning before tomorrow night. there is on the north coast right now, at tuesday morning jets is of rain for that from you. several days of wet weather coming up towards the end of the week.
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